Focused on protecting the Family and the Family Assets.

In line with MFO´s concept and values, MFO - Mediação de Seguros, Lda promotes the protection of the Family and the family’s assets by offering comprehensive and integrated insurance services.

We seek to protect and value the family, and we are committed to high standards of professionalism and competence, including a rigorous risk management.


Comprehensive and integrated solutions for an exclusive client.

MFO Seguros | Family Protection provides insurance brokerage services that take an independent and proactive approach in coordinating and optimising the family´s insurance coverages, and includes full support in claims.
The insurance brokerage relies on the vast experience of our team of Consultants that, working for the family in an independent and proactive manner, is able to question policy´s real value.
The team of specialists at MFO Seguros analyses market options and recommends the most suitable ones.
An MFO Seguros broker follows the market evolution closely and looks into new terms and/or new products and services, promoting the renegotiation of existing policies, if it is advantageous to do so.
If there is a claim, our team of specialists will use all of its skills to facilitate the communication with the insurance companies and to oversee all legal processes.
The team at MFO Seguros has experienced and senior members with an in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, facilitating policy negotiations and communication between families and insurance companies.

MFO Seguros insurance brokerage provides:
- Referrals and follow-ups for the most appropriate insurance coverages.
- Coordination and support on claims.
- Permanent communication with clients, insurers and brokers.
MFO Seguros relies on experienced Consultants that are widely regarded in the Insurance Community. They are available and seek to relieve clients and families from unnecessary burdens in the relationship with insurance companies. Our Consultants are able to determine the best cost/benefit products in insurance proposals and recommend the best insurance covers in:
- Health
- Workmen’s compensation
- Travel assistance
- Car
- Multi-risk insurance
- Death or disability
- Retirement and Long Term Care
- Civil liability: general, family and professional
- Legal protection: Personal Legal Support (PLS)


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